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Our fabrication facilities currently have the capacity to complete 10000 inches per week of pipe fabrication, and 150 to 200 tons of steel a month.

Equipment includes various welding machines, mechanical bevellers, overhead cranes, plasma table, horizontal band saw and 45 to 300 ton cranes.

Machine Works Industrial is certified to repair and alter fittings.

The Technical services division is setup to complete Torqueing, Tensioning, Nut Splitting, Cold Pipe Cutting/Beveling, Hydrotesting, Flange Facing, Flange Weld Isolation and Testing, Exchanger Maintenance including Bundle Pulling, Tube Testing & Tube Plugging.

This division is completely mobile and the pneumatic cutting and beveling tools offer a safe solution to torch cutting and grinding when hazardous atmospheres are present.  

Our Technical Services Manager has extensive experience within the exchanger maintenance field.


Machine Works industrial offers a wide range of field services.

We are fully equipped to take on long term on site mechanical projects from beginning to end or to complete short term work where required including plant maintenance and shut downs.

We have two JV’s in the industry one E/I specialty company and one of the largest tank and module companies in the world, which helps us offer a turnkey product to our clients, as well as all disciplines  of engineering support.

Machine Works is working with multiple clients and government agencies on cutting edge R&D projects in water treatment and carbon capture.