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Providing safe and healthful working conditions and implementing safe work practices that protect employees and others at our work locations is a value that is very important to Machine Works Industrial.

No task or work process that we perform is so important that we cannot devote the necessary time and resources to do it safely.


We recognize that incident prevention, productivity and quality of performance go hand in hand, and that safety is an integral part of all activities. All employees, regardless of the capacity in which they work, assume responsibility for safety awareness and consciousness. This responsibility is met by maintaining safe conditions and performing duties in accordance with safe work practices. We all play a significant role in looking out for ourselves and others.


Machine Works Industrial has recently enhanced our Safety Management System early in 2015 as part of our continuous improvement framework. This adds clear direction to the program and consists of extensive supervisor training on the Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure its broad implementation throughout the company.


Our proactive and reactive interventions are tracked and reviewed regularly by the workers, operations staff and management. By recognizing our strengths and weakness’ we are able to direct our resources to the areas of most concern. These leading indicators include inspections, meetings, training, etc. While the lagging indicators such as incident reports are tracked for their root cause identification and ensure the proper corrective actions have been put in place to prevent re-occurrence.


Currently we subscribe to multiple prequalification networks such as ISNetworld, Complyworks & Avetta. Connected with several clients on each site, and each in excellent standing.


In the fall of 2015 Machine Works Industrial we proudly achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.