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Machine Works Industrial is a full service EPCM contractor that offers welding, mechanical, structural fabrication, piping fabrication and technical services company that has been providing services throughout Alberta for 10 years.


Machine Works was originally a portable machining and hydro testing company until 5 years ago when it was expanded to encompass all aspects of fabrication to help grow the company and satisfy the growing demand of the clientele.


Machine Works has a fenced secure 7 acre yard with a 14,000 sq. ft. shop that houses the welding, fabrication and machining divisions, in addition we also have a  26000 sq. ft. shop and 60 acre modular facility,  all located just off of highway 15 on the North East side Fort Saskatchewan, which provides excellent access to shipping corridors.

Machine Works Industrial offers comprehensive range of EPC piping and structural fabrication services.

Machine Works Industrial has a fully equipped Field Services division ready and equipped to mobilize for your next mechanical/maintenance on site project.

MWI offers comprehensive range technical services including the repair and alteration of fittings, bolt torquing and tensioning, pipe cutting and beveling and much more....

Bundle pulling and maintenance is an ongoing job and crews are dispatched as required.

Machine Works recently completed the de-construction and removal of a SAGD plant in North Eastern Alberta.

Machine Works crews completed module construction an on-site hydro testing of 51 modules for a major client in North Eastern Alberta.




Machine Works Industrial is an authorized Air Liquide Depot and supplies customers with their welding gasses, equipment, and consumables.

Exchanger Maintenance

Facility De-construction

Module Construction

Exchanger Maintenance

Exchanger Maintenance